The Road Is Long [work in progress]

Continuing to work on the car scene, trying out some different colour schemes. Animation trials to follow - Freestyle rendering is a bit slow so it may take some time to get together enough frames to animate.

This project could go in several different directions from here. I've enjoyed gradually building up the car and adding detail to the road, and I could quite happily keep on doing so forever.  The end result could be an unstructured film or music video, or just something to do on a rainy day.

However I do have an almost-complete script as well and this was part of the reason I started modelling the car. So it might also be good to complete the script, get some voice over talent together and make a more traditional short. The script does call for some more work on modelling and animation.

I also have some serious plans for the soundscape - it needs some old-school weirdness and I know just the thing. Watch this space.

[produced in Blender 2.76] 

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